ChrisCo Media Blog Policy

Note about re-posting the work of independent authors: 

We are aware that there are differing opinions on the legality of re-posting articles written by other people. It has been our experience that if we provide credit and links to the original work, authors are generally happy for the SEO benefits and the ability to reach a larger audience.  This is the very essence of social media and the primary way to create something that can be seen by a large audience through viral transmission.

We provide marketing and social media services and in addition to occasional pieces that we create ourselves, we post many articles specifically written by third parties that support the information that we give to our clients so that we are not just referencing ourselves to the businesses that we are helping navigate the world of Social Media. We post articles that we like, agree with and that support our own corporate philosophy while giving full credit to those who created them and helping their work to reach that larger audience. If sharing of such information were truly illegal, it would dramatically change what could be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and every other social media site and blog.

That being said, we realize that not everyone shares our feelings. If we have posted something that you created and you would prefer that we not share it with our shared target audience, we will take it down in a timely manner upon your request. We are based in the Pacific Time Zone and generally begin work around 9AM unless we have offsite meetings. Also, remember that if it found its way to us, it is already out there and being shared 🙂


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