Content Creation Considerations: 9 Key Steps When Going From Concept to Content

Jessica Mehring — January 3, 2017

Coming up with an idea is the easy part. But it’s only one small piece of the pie.

The biggest challenge is often taking that brilliant concept and turning it into content.

You’ve been there. I know you have, because we all have. You get a brilliant, game-changing idea for a piece of content that will shoot you (and your company) into content-marketing superstardom.

Your audience will go crazy for it! Sales will skyrocket! Your boss will give you a raise!

And then the wheels start moving. Different team members get involved. Some details are overlooked. The content is created, but it’s not exactly on point; it just doesn’t quite flourish.

There are a lot of reasons for why a once-seemingly-great idea can turn out to be a flop, one thing is for sure:

Going from ideation to creation to delivering results is rarely as easy as it should be.

But you can fix that. You can keep up your momentum, and keep you and your team moving forward confidently toward content creation success.

You just need to take that nugget of brilliance and create a strategy to take it from concept to alignment then to content.

Here are the 9 key things you need in your content strategy to keep quality content flowing.

1. A Content Marketing Goal



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