How to Bridge the Gap Between Online and Offline Marketing


There is no brick-and-mortar. There is no ecommerce. Integrated campaigns have been on the rise in recent years and while some businesses may identify as online or offline, when it comes to marketing, it’s likely their methods run cross-platform.

The bridge is social media, says Matt Siltala, president of Avalaunch Media.

While it’s most natural for an ecommerce company to promote via social media, and an offline store to market at local events or through direct mail, more often than not the lines are blurred.

Maria Fernandez Guajardo, vice president at RetailNext, notes that 89% of consumers would sign up for mobile messages if they were personalized, citing a 2013 study by Vibes.

In-store promotions no longer need to be planned in advance, but can be triggered in reaction to uncharacteristically low traffic and notify customers via social media, an app or email.

“Today, with real-time monitoring and alerts, in-store analytics can make marketing and management aware of low traffic stores immediately,” says Fernandez Guajardo. “And with social media and mobile access to information…

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