Why You Should Be Using Facebook Hashtags

The Red Ink


By now most of us have probably seen the late night comedy sketch in which Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have an entire conversation using only hashtags—turning every phrase into its own “trending topic,” and ultimately highlighting just how silly hashtag use can be. While overdoing it with hashtags can indeed be a source of frustration for your social media followers, the truth is that hashtags can also be wildly effective—especially for content marketing purposes.

Why You Should Use Facebook Hashtags

The hashtag is not just a Twitter thing any more; as the Fallon/Timberlake sketch suggests, these things are ubiquitous, and they have permeated nearly every aspect of our digital communication. This includes Facebook. If you haven’t already begun to use hashtags in your Facebook marketing efforts, now is the time—and here’s why:

  • Hashtags will enable you to expand your reach. A few months back, Grammar Chic featured a blog…

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