5 Free and Effective Video Marketing Tools

5 Free and Effective Video Marketing Tools

By , Published December 12, 2012

Slowly but surely, video is taking over as the preferred medium for brands looking for a better way to connect with their audience. Not only does it offer a more engaging method of communicating, but a method that is arguably more effective as well. According to comScore, 64% of website visitors are more likely to buy a product from an online retailer after watching a video.

The statistics on internet video are very encouraging, but surprisingly, many businesses are still hesitant about taking the plunge. For some marketers, the belief that integrating this channel into their strategy being a cost prohibitive move is the biggest roadblock. Contrary to popular belief, the internet element has made investing in video more cost effective than ever.

Still think web video is too expensive? These five free tools may change your mind.

1. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie MakerTools that allow you to edit and build on your footage is a must-have for the aspiring video marketer. However, software in this vertical can get pretty expensive when we start talking premium applications such as Camtasia. On the bright side, free options exist, and Windows Movie Maker is one that is likely already at your disposal. One of several applications preloaded on the Windows operating system, Windows Movie Maker provides the basics, in addition to advanced features such as the ability to add special effects and upload video to various websites.

2. Blender

Looking for a way to take your video projects to the next level? Blender could be the tool for you. A free open source application, Blender is a platform that allows you to transform your videos into animated showcases complete with mesmerizing visual effects and interactive features. Key features of this package include 3D modeling, camera tracking, and texturing, in addition to video editing. Also included is an integrated game engine, which supports video game creation. If your goal is to wow your viewers with spectacular presentations, Blender can help.

3. Animoto

AnimotoAnimoto is another free tool that has proven to be very useful as of late. This web–based software specializes in creating captivating videos from images and music. As far images go, they can be imported from third-party sites like Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, or Picasa. Once created, they can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, or email via the Animoto iPhone app. Animoto Lite is free and ideal for commercial-like videos as it limits you to 30 seconds of footage. Marketers with more demanding needs can upgrade to Animoto Pro or Plus.

4. Magisto

MagistoMagisto is a free tool that puts a different twist on video editing. What this tool does is create short, entertaining videos from your raw footage. Magisto goes through your content, finds what it likes, and uses that to automatically create the best possible video. From there, it allows you to add titles and music to jazz things up. All videos you create can easily be shared across popular social networks. If it was one downside to Magisto, it would be that it takes the control out of your hands. You may find that some projects turn out fantastic, while others will need work.

5. Stroome

Strong social and interactive components have made crowdsourcing one of the hottest concepts on the web. Stoome leverages this concept to create a lively video-based community. With Stoome, you can upload your own content and then use material from community members to improve it. Additionally, you can choose to enlist the help of the community, or work on your project all alone. It’s totally up to you. With crowdsourcing being all the rage, it would not be surprising to see more video editing sites like Stoome spring up in the near future.

Here is a summary video from the BBC:


Video wields a ton of power in an era where people are short on time and attention. You could say its emergence is right on time, too, because it plugs right into other hot trends like social media and mobile. Realizing the revenue opportunities that lie in the game, vendors have come out of the woodwork to provide the services that will allow marketers to maximize the potential of video. While many of these solutions are very useful, it is nice to know that you have access to a collection of quality tools that don’t directly contribute to breaking the bank.

What other free video marketing tools are worth taking a look at? Let us know in a comment.

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