What Arugula Packaging Can Teach You About Customer Engagement

Brand customer engagment

By Steve Farnsworth, Published November 20, 2012

Customer engagement suffers as a buzz word and is tossed around more quickly than dressing on a salad. Also, it is rare to hear examples of how it is implemented in tangible ways.
Which is why the idea that packaging can be an opportunity for a brand conversation is even more unexpected.
After eating a pizza that was topped with arugula, Erin Korogodsky, Social Strategist at Lithium Technologies, discovered that she loved the stuff. She began buying arugula at the store near her house. One day after bringing some home she looked at the package and was struck by what she saw.
Tell A Story

The packaging had recently been changed. Instead of the producer just announcing something like, “New Packaging,” they took the time to explain why they had made the change. They noted that their customers had voiced a desire to have less packaging and use less materials.
This lets customers know that they are listening, and that their feedback is valued. Something most brands fail to do. They included an 800 number and their social channels so customers could continue the conversation with them. All very simple, inexpensive, and brilliant.
Erin talks about her experience in the video above, and you can read her post about her take ways, too. Five Tips to Inspire a Social Customer Experience, Based on My Arugula Obsession.

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/customer-experience/what-arugula-packaging-can-teach-you-about-customer-engagement-0337894#kTZiSUqZo1bWU1B7.99


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