Welcome to ChrisCo Media


ChrisCo Media is a marketing firm specializing in bleeding edge Social and Digital Media Channels and new marketing techniques. At heart though, we are also a traditional marketing firm and will find solutions to get your message out to your preferred audience. We specialize in using Social and Digital Media Marketing to share your message and vision with an extremely targeted audience who will in turn, evangelize for you as you become part of their personal brands. We have the skills and experience to build your brand, whether it is a small, medium, large or “master of the universe” size business and whether you are a B2B or B2C focused organization

We will consult with you and find the best custom solution based on your goals, vision and budget. We are nimble and can make changes mid-stream if the need arises. We can re-allocate part of your current marketing budget and get you a far greater return on your investment using our techniques. Even if you are a small business that has less than $500 a month to budget for marketing but see the need for a digital presence to engage and influence your customers, we will get you the greatest bang for your marketing buck!

Contact us today for a consultation!

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